Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ora Cafe

Waking up to a spectacular sun spiked wintery Saturday was the perfect stimulant for a bike ride out to Kew. On the agenda was one Ora Cafe. With generous reviews reporting top tier coffee and delicately assembled brunch, surely we could do no wrong.The ride itself was a touch less relaxing than anticipated having to battle it out with fuckwit hoons along the Chandler.. yes what did we expect.. so next time I might have to be brave and tackle the hills in the park instead.

Ora Cafe
156 Pakington St
Open: Tues - Sunday, breakfast + lunch
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Ora Cafe is positioned in a relative dead zone in Kew on Pakington St. You definitely can't miss this cafe hot spot as it's the only place teeming with people out the front. It's quite the teensy spot, seating around 30 people inside with a sun baked bench out the front for an extra clutch of diners. Nonetheless, they make smart use of their space which has a curious thatched roof evoking visions of the island holiday shack I will eventually own.. The coffee is serious business, sourced from the eponymous Proud Mary with a rotating selection of single origin offerings, and crafted using a sparkling La Marzocco machine.


I loved my Tanzanian blend long black $3.50 

Weazelby was equally satisfied with his magic $3.50, which received his royal coffee decree  "mmm" and nod.

Breakfast was an elegant affair with an intricately crafted list of seasonal options. Think Duchess of Spotswood meets Kew.

I had the superb Pine mushroom ~$18 a delightful Autumnal collection of pine mushrooms, fennel and redlof salad, Jerusalem artichoke, goats chevre and poached egg. At first glance it looked like it had been garnished with pollen, however it tasted similar to crushed up fennel seeds. Quite curious to know what the orange bits were. Needless to say (a pointless saying really.. ) it was a flavour sensation. The jerusalem artichoke was quite a sweet paste, a nice contrast to the slightly bitter redlof (red witlof.. creative naming!).

Weazelby ordered a simpler offering of the pea and bacon hash ~$16. Not the biggest of brunches, but most definitely packed with enough savoury flavour punch. A fennel salad was piled on top and a fashionable smear of.....(I can't remember!.. more tang and less salt than bagna cauda, not rich or eggy like mayonnaise either..STUMPED) It was excellent, however I'd recommend adding an egg or even bacon (yes, bacon on bacon!) to flesh it out a little.

We were both suitably impressed, the service was friendly and knowledgeable without being pretentious - I'll admit I am usually wary of cafes located in the throngs of luxury suburbia. I'm excited about another visit, perhaps even for lunch so I can hook into one of their superb looking rolls.

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