Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gut Luggage of late

Hey y'all. What have I been eating lately? Anything and everything, with some cooking thrown in between.

My week usually consists of a rabid read through of the latest food blogs I follow, mild depression about how my budget doesn't allow for the decadence of my yesteryear (although it probably never allowed for it), eating shit food to combat the mild depression, then planning what I will try and demolish when it comes to Friday night. TGIF ! The night where all the worries in the world fade away as soon as that Manhattan hits my lips. Oh man-hat-tan how I love thee.

Speaking of which, my favourite neighbourhood haunt has got to be Long Play. Seriously, this place is too good to be true. It's like an Enid Blyton book that never ends. Cocktails are all the classics plus the obligatory espresso martini and priced at $16 they are gentle on ye ol' credit card debt. My favourite is the manhattan, the drink that puts the hairs on my chest and my woes to rest. They have house made soaked cherries, which are probably the trumping card. Get that juicy morsel in my mouth and I will give you the world (not a guarantee).

What about the food you say ? It's mod-bistro food, written up on a chalkboard inside with rotating seasonal items and I think everything is under $20. You can probably get away with sharing 3 between 2, or 2 between 2 if you aren't a greedy pig dog like me. Nothing is overly trendy, it's just good-honest-food. I haven't tried them yet - but they do shuck oysters at $3.50 a pop. Oh yeah, and they give you free smoked almonds too ! That's right, FREE.

Long Play
318 St georges rd, fitzroy north
7 nights a week
LongPlay on Urbanspoon

Here are some awful iphone schnapps of food from one particular occasion.

Barramundi with broccoli salad (feat. almonds). $19

Baked chicken thighs in tomato "something-ante" (feat. chat potatoes and parsley) $17

Bread and olives $5

There is something about this bread that is so delicious I am afraid to ask where they get it from in case it is coles homebrand turkish bread and my pretentious taste-buds lose some dignity.

Just quickly - two new cafes I have enjoyed in the past couple o' months.

twenty & six espresso
594 queensberry st, north melb
thurs-tuesday (closed wed)
coffee: proud mary, guest blends by seven seeds
vibe: friendly
Twenty & Six Espresso on Urbanspoon

Now this place has got to be the best addition to the North Melbourne cafe scene of late and a more than welcome reprieve from the brunch-mart intensities of Auction Rooms. Not only do they nail the coffee, they nail the fuck out of the breakfast too (Disclaimer: I'm from Wang, I have to speak like this). The coffee is top notch, and their pourovers are only $4. Bloody bargain! There are only 4 savoury breakfast options but they are all quite different. I haven't had any of the sweet options but the black rice with coconut milk and mango is high on the radar.

The Hunter is a moreish mountain of roasted portabello mushrooms with balsamic, truffle and creme fraiche highlights. Not sure what the cheese on top is but it tasted like pecorino. I swapped the chorizo for bacon.

The Hunter $16.90 (+ poached egg $2.50)

The Hulk is a quite the formidable meal, with a massive serving of avocado, topped with alfalfa sprouts. The salmon is sashimi grade house-made gravlax.

The Hulk $16.90 (+ poached egg $2.50)

two - bob
270 queens parade, clifton hill
tues - sunday
coffee: coffee supreme
vibe: clifton hill mumsy vs scando design
Two Bob on Urbanspoon

Some menu items are standard, some are spectacular. Special shout out to the crumbed poached eggs with asparagus, smoked salmon and lemon mayo. Have had this two weekends in a row with a potato hash as a side. No I am not the chef, BUT I think this breakfast would be better served with potato instead of bread. The only downside with the poach-crumb method is the whites end up cooking a bit too firm even though the yolk remains runny. Service is pretty good, some teething problems perhaps (too many waitresses spoil the relax). Coffee is standard/good.

Crumbed poached eggs on asparagus with smoked salmon ~$17

In other news, Weazelby and I got a little kitten named Wizard. His superpowers include "destroying the fern" and "piss in the shower" and "cute".

FYI fern. It currently has ~6 fronds left. My poor little fronds

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